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B.C.O.M is community funded and supported by donations and purchases of Bluff City Clothing t-shirts or books from a member of our door to door Youth Mentors. Each mentor has their personal testimony. By placing a gift order for books to be donated to one of our sponsor charities you not only provide children with wonderful books you also provide many struggling men and women not only with employment but Hope. Also it helps B.C.O.M provide books to underprivileged children. We give them books to help build their imagination to truly grow their minds and find their purpose. Reading can become an escape for so many of these children which are growing up in circumstances thats hard for us to believe. And reading can become a safe haven to find inner strength. Sometime they need help finding a light out their dark circumstances. Also you can select the Donate Now button and help continue to create opportunities for our youths. So please continue to support our door to door team. If you would like to be part of our mission. You can mail a donation or drop it off at our office: Bluff City Clothing / B.C.O.M 3540 Summer Ave #305 Memphis, TN 38122 We also will send you a Bluff City Strong T-Shirt for your Support. Thank You For Helping Us Create Job and Save Lives...

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