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Everything that is made has a purpose. Now only the person who made it know why he made it.

Over the summer I was honor to teach a two week class that consisted of youths in the Juvenile Detention Center. Created by Memphis Office of Youth Service a great program thats helping provide guidance for the youth. I was teaching on Purpose for two weeks. Now thinking back i was most impress by their willingness to receive information regarding their future. The first question i asked Do you feel you have a purpose? One quickly shouted "Yes"! And i said that correct. Everything that was made and was ever made has or had a purpose. Take something as small a spoon it was made with the purpose to eat with. Take clock it was made to tell time now how much more are we as people have a purpose that we are created for. At this time i began to see the excitement in their faces. Expection is what i felt as if they were to say to me whats my purpose? Before they could ask i said that's a answer only the one who created you could tell you. See the spoon could never know its a spoon until the person who created it reveal to the world why he created it and how you should use it. See thats all our youths need is to know their purpose and how it should be use to help society.

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